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Cognac A.E. Dor Napoleon Carafe, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Excellent cognac amber.


Cognac has a soft, delicate, rounded, velvety taste and a long aftertaste.


Cognac has an incredibly pleasant aroma with hints of vanilla and violets.


Is the perfect digestif, goes well with coffee, cigar desserts.

Interesting Facts

AE Dor Napoleon Carafe (AE Dor Napoleon Carafa). Cognac has a number of differences from other brandies, firstly it is very important that it is made from a mixture of alcohols four regions: Fins Bois, Borderies, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Much attention was paid to the proportions of alcohol. Second: AE Dor Napoleon cognac was kept Only wet storage, which gives it a special taste and aroma, it combines the maturity alcohols Fins Bois, Borderies vigor, as well as elegance and duration of the Grand and Petit Champagne. Soft, velvety, aromatic cognac - the perfect gift for any celebration!

A descendant of an ancient family of the province of Cognac (Cognac) Amadeus Edward Dore, leaving his job in a bank, launched his dream - to establish a Brandy House. It took him more than 20 years. Great connoisseur of cognac, based on its taste, he wanted to create a unique cognac, and he did it. Showing foresight, in 1874, when an outbreak of phylloxera, which destroyed almost all the vineyards in the region of Charente, he began buying aged cognac spirits. And, indeed, some time later, these alcohols have gained tremendous value. More than a decade of aging in Limousin oak barrels - and vintage cognacs are bottled in large, braided bottles and sealed with wax. These vintages are mainly dated to 1805-1893 years and have certificates, the production and status. Today, glass vessels hold a precious nectar in the cellars of "Paradise" (Paradise). Currently, Brandy House A.E.DOR manufactures a full range of products available for a wide range of consumers. Jacques Riviere - descendant and the present owner of the cognac house, along with his son Pierre-Antoine carefully adhere to tradition and create a great cognacs. Brandy House AEDor among the top three cognac houses in the world. Their cognac collection are unique.



  • plump
  • soft
  • long
  • velvety
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