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Liqueur is a drink that is based on spirits (cognac, brandy, whiskey) with addition of various fillers that bring flavor and aroma. It may be nuts, herbs, spices, fruits and berries. Strength of liqueurs varies from 10% to 40%. Best liqueurs are produced in France, Italy and the Netherlands. This section presents the famous liqueurs from manufacturers with an excellent long-standing reputation.
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Production of liqueurs

There are two ways of liqueur production: maceration and distillation. In the first case, fillers are soaked in absolute ethanol, wine or brandy; then filtered and diluted with water, or, alternatively, with ethanol to the desired alcohol strength. Maceration is a longer process and can last for weeks and even months.

In the second case the flavoring ingredients are soaked in alcohol or brandy for a short time (up to a week), then the mixture passes a single distillation, during which the "heart" of beverage is sorted out. Later this distillate is diluted with water to the desired strength. The most delicious and flavored liqueur is the one aged in oak casks.

Types of liqueurs

Herbal liqueur — as fillers herbs and roots are used. They give the drink a bitter, tart taste. Healing properties are often attributed to such liqueurs. German J?germeister and Czech liqueur "Becherovka" refer to this category.
Fruit liqueur — the taste is achieved with the help of the fruit extracts. These liquors are widely represented and can be found in the range of every self-respecting manufacturer - for example, banana, peach and melon liqueurs by Lucas Bols, or exotic lychee liqueur by Joseph Cartron.
Cream liqueurs — main feature is a thick creamy texture. They are based on one type of fruit or berries. It is believed that such liqueur was first prepared in France. Today black currant cream liqueurs are very popular there.
Egg liqueur — it is a famous Dutch Advocaat with dense texture and a pleasant vanilla flavor. Initially, there was a similar drink in Brazil, where the inhabitants mixed juice and avocado. In Europe, egg was used as a thickening agent and the name was transformed a little. This liqueur goes well with ice cream and other desserts.

Creamy liqueurs was first prepared in Ireland on the basis of the whiskey and fresh cream. This group includes the well-known Baileys and a few other Irish liqueurs, grouped as Irish Cream. Other countries started to produce cream liqueurs on the basis of other drinks (cognac, brandy) using the Irish technology.

In WineStyle store you can buy liqueurs of various styles — sweet fruit and tart herbal, light creamy and strong based on cognac. One can drink liqueurs neat, serving them as an aperitif or digestive, also they can be combined with ice cream, coffee and desserts.

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