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White Horse whisky

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White Horse is a household name when it comes to superior quality Scotch whisky drinks. It is a Scottish brand of whisky with an interesting history. The brand logo depicts a regal white horse, which is one of Scotland’s national symbols. Horses have historic significance in Scotland. Mary Stuart used to keep white horses as part of her retinue. Interestingly, the number “1742” on the label comes from “The White Horse”, an ancient Edinburgh pub established that year.

White Horse is a blended whisky containing 30% malt, including Linkwood and Talisker. This multiple blend makes for a well-balanced taste. Whisky White Horse is famous for its use of Lagavulin single malt whisky from the island of Islay. The uniqueness and quality of its ingredients distinguishes White Horse as a quality whisky. This is a big league brand famous in more than 150 countries. To avail its perfect taste and flavour, it should be drunk neat.

Whisky White Horse stands side by side with the most popular brands, such as Johnny Walker and Ballantine’s. White Horse is a powerful competitor. It has its unique taste and aroma as well as the brand’s flawless reputation as its strong points. It is imbibed with the traditional flavours of Scotland: honey, corn, peat. Whisky White Horse is truly a credit to stock and WineStyle is one of the outlets that have that honour.

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