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  • Region: Mexico
  • Producer: Montezuma
  • Brand: Montezuma
  • Strength: 40%
Tequila Montezuma was originally produced in Mexico in the state of Jalisco. The name of this drink, Montezuma, is associated with one of the Aztec emperors. When getting into its rich history, this drink has known to have come from legends that recall the territorial reign of Montezuma the 2nd in the area of Modern Mexico. It is here that he began producing a drink called Mezcal which in today’s time is also varied into tequila. Hence, as a result he concluded with forming Montezuma tequila Gold and Montezuma tequila Silver. Both vary in their composition when tasted or looked at. The drink has a wonderful and a thoroughly fresh aroma to it with the lingering taste of herbs, the freshness of ripe apples and a tinge of pine needles. The variations of how it can be enjoyed have evolved over the years and in today’s time can be drunk as a shooter or as “lick-drink-bites” in which the acidic kick of this tequila is triggered with salt and lime. It is recommended to drink in its purest form as its production does not take place in oak barrels as is typically expected.
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Over the years tequila Montezuma has gained a lot of popularity in the US, in Europe and in Mexico; the place which gave birth to it. It is best to drink this spirit in the form of cocktails such as “Tequila Sunrise,” “Bloody Juanita,” Caramba” and the “Mexican”— perhaps how it was welcomed into the world. The uncanny flavours of this wine are fresh and have all it takes to make tequila possess the lingering and long lasting flavour in the mouth that tingle the taste buds; mostly if accompanied with lime right after. It is considered to be a mouthful of flavour and aroma altogether, in the highest of qualities varying from grass, apple and needles.

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