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Wine Y d'Yquem, 2005, 375 ml

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Tasting Notes


Wine beautiful pale gold color.


The wine has a balanced, refined taste and aftertaste.


The wine has an intense, complex flavor with hints of ripe fruit, flowers, nuances of citrus, mint and vanilla.


This wine is recommended to serve with desserts, blue cheeses, foie gras or as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

Y d'Yquem 2005 - a delicious white wine, which is produced since 1959, but only in the best harvest years. Only this time it was released just over 20 vintages. Each year, the possibility of issuing a new vintage and carefully consider the characteristics of the crop in good decision about the production of this wine and grapes are harvested from the same vines, from which the most important wine farms - sweet Château d'Yquem. Vineyards farms are located in Sauternes, about 40 km from Bordeaux. Soil vineyards are composed of sand and gravel and the rest on clay subsoil layer. Grape harvest is carried out manually. After careful pressing fermented in oak barrels, a third of which are new. For aging wine on the lees in oak barrels is given not less than 12 months, regularly made batonnazh. Storage capacity of wine is 15 years.

Chateau d'Yquem - The most famous Bordeaux winery, located in the commune of Sauternes. According to the classification of wines in 1855 it belongs to the highest category of Premier Grand Cru Superiuer and more than two hundred years is included in the list of the best producers of Bordeaux. In the Middle Ages, the estate belonged to the Duke, but in 1453, after the accession to the throne of Charles VII, it passed to the French. Since then, Château d'Yquem possessed many noble person, but really it flourished only in 1788, when, after the tragic death of her husband, Count Louis Amedeo de Lur Salus, Francoise Josephine d`Ikem start to manage the estate, producing luxury wines. Even then, the manor became applicable multi-harvest technology, are still preserved, and in 1826 built a large cellar, will greatly expand the production of wine. Among the admirers of wine Chateau was US President Thomas Jefferson, as well as the Grand Duke Constantine, through which Château d'Yquem has become very popular in Russia.

So what is the secret of Château d'Yquem? There is no doubt that a great role in the creation of this great wine terroir plays a unique microclimate due to the proximity of the ocean and river Sironi. Warm and humid weather favors not only the uniform ripening, but also the development of "noble rot". Only the affected grapes are used to make wine, as the rot settles on a well-ripened berries and sugar concentration increases several times. Grape harvest takes place in several stages, in bad years collectors 10-15 times combing vineyards, it is not collecting bunches and berries literally. Juice from half of the dried-grape receive four times less than normal, and the owners of Château d'Yquem argue that one vine receive only one glass of the famous wine. Fermentation of grape must is very slow, and before the wine is ripe, it takes about three to four years, after which Château d'Yquem is often quite calmly reach their century. Typically, a phase of maturity wine comes after 20-30 years of aging in the bottle. According to one of the last owners of the estate of Alexander de Lur Salus, a lot to say about Château d'Yquem, but: "Taking a sip, you feel that there will always be a wine, the mystery is not solved ...".


  • Color depth: pale
  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
  • Serving temperature: 10-12°С
  • Website:
  • Aging potential: 15 years
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