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Sparkling wine Vidal Sparkling Icewine, 2012, gift tube, 375 ml

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Tasting Notes


Wine golden-yellow color.


Taste wine intense, sweet, luxurious, with notes of citrus, mango, litchi, pineapple, crispy acidity and a long finish.


Wine charms abundance of fruit aromas, particularly peach, orange, apricot, mango, complemented by light notes of honey.


Wine matches perfectly with foie gras, spicy dishes, spicy Asian cuisine snacks, duck, goose, pate, fresh fruit desserts, creme brulee and rich cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Technology of production of Icewine ("ice wine") has been known for a long time, it successfully used the old German winemakers still in 1794. This lovely refreshing drink has become very popular and even traditional in Canada, which today is one of the largest suppliers of ice wine to the world market.

Vidal Sparkling Icewine is made ​​from thick-skinned white grape Vidal Blanc grown in Ontario. It is characterized by excellent resistance to cold winters, inherent in this region, and the ability to achieve a high level of sugar while maintaining good acidity. Technology of production of ice wine requires a lot of patience and is a costly process, is strictly regulated by local law. Fully ripened grapes covered with netting left on the vine with the month of October before the onset of cold weather, resulting in a natural freeze berries. The juice of the berries is frozen, and the concentration of sugar in them, taste and aroma rises several times. The grapes are harvested, separated from the ridges and put under pressure, which is located under the open sky. Wherein the ambient temperature should be no higher than -10 ° C. By clicking on the berries, the water remains in the form of crystals in the media, while only outwardly beyond the sweet juice is 10-20% of the original mass of grapes. Thin, fragrant, concentrated nectar is the basis for creating stunning Icewine. Secondary fermentation of sparkling wine is held in closed steel tanks Sharma method with the addition of yeast. High levels of sugar in the wort resulting in slower than usual fermentation, which lasts until the alcohol level of 9.5%. Due to the complexity of the production process, and a small amount of the finished product at the "exit", Icewine quite expensive wine compared to table wines.

Company Inniskillin (Inniskillin) was founded in 1975 by two enthusiasts non-Canadian origin - Austrian chemist Karl Kaiser and Donald Dziraldo, a young Italian, a graduate of the Canadian Agricultural University. They came to the conclusion that among Canadian wines there is a gap in the segment of "premium" in order to fill it, they are engaged in the production of high quality wines made from grapes grown in the Niagara Peninsula. Kaiser and Dziraldo planted the first vineyards in Ontario with varieties Riesling, Chardonnay and Gamay. A small building on the estate of the family Dziraldo was transformed into a winery. Despite all the difficulties and the conditions are far from ideal, produced wine has excellent performance and a high quality, immediately won recognition in Canada. But the real fame and world-famous company Inniskillin achieved in 1984, when they released their first Icewine (Eiswein).

"The real breakthrough is the discovery of Inniskillin Icewine. In 1991, their wine Vidal Icewine won the Grand Prix at the Legion Vinexpo in Bordeaux "- Hugh Johnson wrote in the World Atlas of Wine.

For the development and improvement of wine, as well as replenishment of the spectrum produced wines, in 1994, founded Inniskillin estate "Inniskillin Estate Winery" in the rich terroir wine region of southern Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.
In pursuit of excellence, Dziraldo founded and headed «Vintners Quality Alliance» (VQA), a society designed to monitor the quality of wines produced in Canada and improve it. After various studies in the field of appellasonov worldwide in 1989 with the help of his colleagues introduced a system Dziraldo VQA. This made it possible to set high standards of quality and appellasony identify the most important wine regions of Ontario, the same system was adopted in British Columbia.
Today wines from Inniskillin can be found in the best wine shops and restaurants around the world, and even Icewine stored in the basement of the Imperial Palace of Japan.


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