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Tasting Notes


Liquor color of dark caramel.


Liquor with warming, enveloping taste, which is dominated by shades of rum, citrus, spices and herbs.


The aroma of liquor perceptible refreshing tones of citrus, spicy notes of spices and precious shades of grass, supplemented tart nuances of rum.


Liquor is recommended to use as a digestif. It can drink iced neat coffee, ice cream, desserts or in a variety of cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Vana Tallinn" 50% - known Estonian liqueur having a fascinating legend of origin. According to the stories, the recipe of the elixir has a tonic and invigorating properties, was invented by one alchemist in the middle of the XII century in Tallinn. In his secret laboratory, he began to create a unique drink, and when he was going to add the final ingredient, a terrible explosion thundered. As a result of the disaster in the laboratory gushing river. Seep through the walls of the room, the water in it will change its color and taste. This river and still exists in Tallinn - the townspeople call it fire and believe that the water from it prolongs life and gives joy.
Liquor "Old Tallinn" 50% is the most robust in the line of products under the brand name "Vana Tallinn". He has a fiery, compared with the original drink, taste, which are sure to enjoy hot and passionate.

Products brand "Vana Tallinn", manufactured by "Liviko", exported to 16 countries, including the United States, Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Russia and others. Drink this brand is the best-selling liqueur in Estonia and among the top five best-selling in northern Europe.
Most recently, liqueurs "Vana Tallinn" became bottled with a new design. Vessels, shaped like a tower of the city wall, pay tribute to the origin and heritage of the famous liqueur.

"Liviko" - Estonian manufacturer, whose products combines the age-old tradition of making high-quality alcoholic beverages and compliance needs of today's discerning consumers. The company, founded in 1898, started as a local distillery. Years later, a small company grew into large-scale production and significantly expand the range of products.
Today the company "Liviko" is one of the most respected companies engaged in the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages in the Baltic States. The range of products includes more than 70 different types of beverages. Buyers especially loved the line "Vana Tallinn" and "Viru Valge". Many tourists visiting Estonia, Tallinn know it is due to high-quality products "Liviko". The company is proud of its success and continues to maintain its credibility on the world market from year to year winning numerous awards at the most prestigious spirits competitions.


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In our store you can buy liqueur "Vana Tallinn" 45%, 0.5 L, price "Vana Tallinn" 45%, 0.5 L — £ 10. Producer liqueur Liviko. Delivery "Vana Tallinn" 45%, 0.5 L.

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