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Sake Umenishiki Ayame 25, 720 ml

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Tasting Notes


Sake light color.


Umenishiki Ayame 25 has a mild taste, with elegant notes of premium sake.


Sake has an exquisite aroma with notes of bread and delicate floral notes.


Chilled Sake goes well with sushi and sashimi.

Interesting Facts

"Umenisiki" is a bright representative "dzidzake" and produces both premium and table sake. In addition to this basic drink "Umenisiki" produces plum wine and premium beers. "Umenisiki" - a rare winner of many awards in various competitions: in 1934, agriculture was the first winner of the Japan Sake Competition, and in 1965 took first place for 12 years; the 2006 award competition was obtained in 30-th time!



In our store you can buy sake Umenishiki Ayame 25, 720 ml, price Umenishiki Ayame 25, 720 ml — £ 16. Producer sake Umenishiki Yamakava. Delivery Umenishiki Ayame 25, 720 ml.

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