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Tasting Notes


The wine is dark-pomegranate.


The taste of wine is powerful, concentrated, elegant, superbly structured, exceptionally dense and complex. Tones of sweet, ripe fruits are complemented by shades of dried berries, cedar, mushrooms and fine, fine-grained tannins.


The complex and expressive aroma of wine is filled with attractive tones of mature fresh blackberries and black cherries, fine notes of toast, spices, chocolate, espresso, dried rose petals and smoky-mineral nuances.


Wine will make a good pair of grilled or fried meat, game dishes and mature cheeses.

Interesting Facts

The Telmo Rodriguez estate in Toro is named Gago in honor of the Spanish bull breed - elegant and very powerful. Together with several other famous winemakers, Telmo Rodriguez was one of the first who rediscovered vineyards in Toro with ten-year-old shrubby vines. He was the main force in raising the Thore in line with some of Spain's most popular wine regions. Distinctive red soils of Toro give rise to the grape variety of Tinto de Toro (local clone of Tempranillo), which has a huge concentration of fruit tones, maturity, bright acidity and a fine tannic structure.
"Pago la Jara" is an impressive, concentrated, powerful wine for the most demanding gourmets, in which the terroir Toro is extremely full. Through this wine, Telmo Rodriguez demonstrates the high art of combining pure power with elegance. The 2013 season in Toro was not easy, with an unusually cold and long winter and late harvest. The work on the fruit selection table was fundamental. To make a magnificent "Pago la Jara", a small amount of the best grapes was selected, so the wine was released in a very limited quantity - only 2,640 bottles. In 2013, a tiny fraction of the Albillo variety was added to the blend of wine for the leading grape of the Tinta de Toro variety. The grapes were not completely separated from the crests, fermentation with root yeast was carried out in 3000-liter wood vats. Maturing for 18 months was carried out in 225-liter barrels and 1500 food. On the label of wine in the 19th century font, the letter "g", which can often be seen on the wines of the Toro region - it symbolizes the bull horn, is large.

Producer's description

Telmo Rodriguez is a charismatic oenologist who has long been considered the "L'enfant terrible" of Spanish wine making and has earned a reputation as a revolutionary, and today is called one of the young lions of the Spanish wine industry and one of the most famous winemakers in Spain. In 2008, he entered the top ten producers in Spain.

Telmo Rodriguez grew up in one of the best wineries in Spain - Remelluri in Rioja. But Telmo did not rest on his father's laurels and went his own way, at that time considered avant-garde. He went to France to study enology in Bordeaux and spent three years in the wineries of the Prat family (Chateau Côte d'Estournel and Chateau Petit Village). Later, he continued his education in the Rhone and worked in such well-known companies as Chave Beaucastel and Trévallon. In Ron, he opened his eyes to the "soul of wine." His companion was a fellow student Paul Eguskisa. When both returned to their homeland, Telmo Rodriguez worked at the parent winery, where he applied Bordeaux cultivation methods and turned Remelluri into the most innovative and most modern winery in Rioja for the last decade. Paul Eguskisa helped win the fame of Baron de Ona.

In 1994 Paul Eguskisa and Telmo Rodriguez decided to work together and created the wine "Alma" from the harvest from the old vineyard in Navarre. The wine was a great success, but the cooperative, which owned the vineyard, soon greatly increased the prices of grapes and made Telmo and Paul look for new places. The second stop was Rueda, where the first and most famous wine of the company - "Basa" was born. As friends explored more terroirs, new wines appeared. And then it's time to combine all projects into one - Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez .
The company operates on a completely new principle: winemakers go to vineyards in different parts of the country. Therefore Telmo and Paul deserve the reputation of "flying winemakers". Although Telmo Rodriguez prefers to call himself "the leading winemaker". He lives in Madrid and travels to the areas where he makes wine.

Today, the wines of Telmo Rodríguez are among the most famous Spanish wines. They are always created from local varieties of grapes and offer the best expression of terroir and excellent value for money.


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