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Cognac "St Rob" XO, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


In cognac brilliant golden color with shades of mahogany.


The taste of cognac - soft and rounded, revealed a rich range of fruit, which perfectly combined with elegant notes of rancio and nuances of grape seeds. The finish is long, rich.


Cognac has a subtle, refined aroma with hints of ripe fruit, nut and nuances of toasted bread.


Cognac is excellent in its pure form as a digestif. But also in combination with a cigar, coffee or chocolate dessert, he will give you his noble taste.

Interesting Facts

"St Rob" XO - superb French cognac, grapes for which are collected in the famous regions Fin Bois and boarders that are in the most prestigious appellasone Cognac. After traditional fermentation resulting wine is distilled and aged in oak barrels for at least six years, to result in cognac acquired characteristic aroma with hints of rancio and rounded flavor with hints of stone fruit.
Bottle of brandy "Sen Rob" XO has a stylish design, and its surface is decorated with hand-made engraved 24-karat gold, which highlights a beautiful golden color of the drink and gives him the image of refined sophistication.

Producer's description

History Vignobles Saint Robert - is the story of an old manor Saint Robert, like the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes through the centuries. The monastery, named Domaine de Saint Rober, known since the days of King Louis XV. Even then, he was designated on the map of France court cartographer M. Cassini. The estate was a thriving area and consisted of the castle of St. Robert, as well as a chapel and a house. The monastery prepared all kinds of medicinal drugs, and he was quite popular until in 1789 came the French Revolution did not, which resulted in the abolition of the monarchy. Clergy and nobles were deprived of their property, the Monastery of St. Robert's lost all his greatness, went into decline and gradually turned into ruins, eaten ruthless time.

He would have sunk into oblivion, if it were not a fluke. Rene-Luc Shabass visiting the area where once adorned the majestic monastery, became interested in the ancient ruins of the castle. Despite the dire state of the territory and all the buildings located on it, he decided to revive to life all 60 hectare estate. Thus began a large-scale project for its recovery and reconstruction. Gradually ruined monastery back to life, more life in it full steam ahead with the elegant taste of French brandy. The estate was reorganized under the winery, where the line was launched for the production of brandy. A revival of the concept of the estate was embodied in the brand "St Rob". Brand has become a symbol of the phoenix whose image is present on the bottles of cognac as a logo, as an eternal reminder of the revival.

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