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Wine Scrubby Rise Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Viognier 2009

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Tasting Notes


Light straw color with a greenish tinge.


Bright, rich scrub Rise in 2009 has a fresh, well-balanced acidity and a delicious, multi-layered taste, reveals notes of passion fruit, lime, pineapple and banana.


Complex bouquet reveals enchanting tones of passion fruit, lime and other tropical fruits, interwoven with light notes of orange blossom.


Easy Scrub Rise perfectly complement the grilled chicken with asparagus and lemon, sushi, shrimp in orange sauce, as well as other dishes, poultry, fish and seafood. As snacks are perfect fresh vegetable salads, grilled vegetables and soft cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Charming wine Scrubby Rise Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Viognier is created from selected grapes, most of which is grown in the sunny valley McLaren, and only a small percentage purchased in the vineyards colder regions - Flёrё Peninsula and Adelaide Hills. In order to give a bouquet of great complexity of the wine is partially fermented in stainless steel tanks and partly in oak. But the highlight is an unusual blend of wine, because oenologists Verra Verra first added in a couple of classic Sauvignon Blanc - Semillon third grape - Viognier. With this wine harmoniously united spicy freshness Sauvignon, Viognier wealth and pleasant floral-musky nuances Semillon.
Try original Scrubby Rise Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Viognier 2009, and it will give you a real pleasure!

The company was founded Wirra Wirra Strengveyzom Robert Wigley in 1894. At age 30, his parents, whom he gives a lot of anxiety eccentricities sent him away in the Australian outback, where the vigorous energy of Robert found, at last, a useful application. It was in 1894, he broke the vineyards in McLaren Vale, ambush them excellent vines, built a winery and in 1987 made his first wine. At first winery Wirra Wirra flourished, producing high-quality wines, which were exported to England until 1925. However, after the death of Robert Wigley winery in 1924 and declined only in 1969 under the watchful guidance of Greg Trott and his cousin Roger, the winery has been restored. From this point on the company's business went up the hill again, and eventually elegant and complex wines Verra Verra become available worldwide.
Today, the company owns 100 hectares of vineyards, not only in McLaren Vale, but in the Clare Valley, Coonawarra and Adelaide Hills, making its wines a variety of styles. Mediterranean climate and diversity of soil region provides the unique ability to produce a rich, complex and long-lived wines from classic grape varieties, the most famous of which is Shiraz. It is worth noting that in 2005 the winery Verra Verra was converted using the most modern technologies, so quality of the wines has reached a new, higher level.


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