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Liqueur Scrappy's Bitters, Firewater, 150 ml

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Tasting Notes


Bitter pale golden color.


Bitter has a very spicy taste with a subtle sweetness, warm notes of pepper, and delicate floral notes.


Aroma of bitter bright, spicy, slightly spicy, with a sweet nuances of flowers and citrus fruits.


Bitter is perfect in cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Scrappy's Bitters, Firewater - strong, very spicy bitter, whose name translates as "fire-water" or "goryachitelny drink", because in its present composition of red habanero, widespread in South America (especially in Mexico and Colombia). Heat Habanera, its sharp taste and a floral-citrus scent make this pepper popular ingredient for the manufacture of hot sauces and spicy dishes. Interestingly, in 1999 Habanera was introduced in Guinness World Records as the hottest chili in the world, however, after a while, he was removed from that position other varieties of pepper.
Bitter Firewater perfect for adding pure shades of spice and heat to any drink without compromising the integrity of the basic ingredients. But the manufacturer warns that care must be taken to use this sparingly bitter as tincture has a very strong spice.

Producer's description

Scrappy's Bitters Company was founded in Seattle, WA bartender by the name of Thomas Myles. In search of a better recipe bitters, he plunged headlong into research and development, plunging into the world of herbs and extraction methods. Thomas learned to combine flavors to intensify the taste and soon realized that one way to extract from the same source gives a different flavor. His work has been very fruitful. After several years of experimentation, in 2008 the project was officially launched Skrappi's Bitters.
Today Skrappi's Bitters, draws inspiration from the Old World bitters, bitters provides small-scale production of handmade, which enables it to monitor the quality of the beverage at a level that had not yet achievable machines. unique recipes and original methods are used for the production of bitters. Each ingredient shown strictly manually. The purpose of Scrappy's Bitters - to make the best bitters in the world to their taste and aroma cocktails hastening to excellence and encourage the desire to savor them more than once.


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