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Brandy Sanchez Romate, "Cardenal Mendoza" Solera Gran Reserva, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Brandy elegant color with mahogany shades.


Brenda soft, but at the same time full-bodied taste with notes of raisins and plums, gradually turning into a rich, generous finish.


Brandy has a pure, harmonious aroma with notes of raisins, cherries and plums.


Brandy is excellent as a digestif or accompanied by a cigar and coffee.

Interesting Facts

"Cardenal Mendoza" Solera Gran Reserva - excellent brandy, showing elegant, rounded flavor and soft, but at the same time, rich taste with hints of raisins and plums. In its manufacture the best distillates, which were made from Airen grape variety. Exposure brandy made according to a unique system of "steps and ladders" ( "kriadera and Solera") in barrels of sherry Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso for 15 years.
Brandy "Cardenal Mendoza" Solera Gran Reserva will be the ideal present this fantastic spirits.

Producer's description

The company Sanchez Romate, located in the Jerez region, was founded in 1781 by family members and Romat Spaniard Don Juan Sánchez de la Torre. The winery had already been equipped with the latest technology and production methods adhere to the traditional vinification. For four generations, the family winery Romat specialized in the creation of sherry and gradually conquered the local market.
Approximately 100 years after the founding owners Sanchez Romate decided to release sherry brandy. Initially, brand building has been conceived not for sale. But the result was so interesting that the brand launched into production. Thus, I was born in 1887 trademark "Cardenal Mendoza" and the era of brandy from Sanchez Romate.

As a family production company Romat Sanchez lasted until the end of the 40-ies of XX century, and in 1954 was sold to a group of enthusiasts. Romat family still owns the estate Sanchez Romate, which is considered one of the biggest Spanish sherry houses. There are about 100 hectares of vineyards with vines varieties Palomino, which grows in soils of white marl (albarisa). Varieties Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez winery buys in the region of Montilla-Moriles.
Cellars estates are known as "La Sacristia". They are barrels, whose age is 120 years. Barrels daily check on the course. The main categories of sherry from Sanchez Romat include conventional sherries (Romate sherries), sherries average exposure (Special Reserves) sherries and long exposure (Old & Plus). Also sherry and sherry brandy Sanchez Romate today manufactures and other hard drinks, as well as dry wines and sherry vinegar.


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