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Wine "Rosen Muskateller", Alto Adige DOC, 2009, 375 ml

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Tasting Notes


Wine rich ruby-red color.


Spacious and well-balanced taste of the wine leaves a pleasant sweet aftertaste.


The aroma of wine trapped subtle floral tones with splashes of light notes of nutmeg.


Wine is the perfect complement to chocolate and blue cheese.

Interesting Facts

"Rosen Muskateller", 2009 - The amazing red sweet wine created from the same grape Rosen Muskateller. Although wine shows a light floral shades (roses and carnations), but its name sort acquired through the color of his skin, but not the flavor. Wines from this variety can vary from bright pink to ruby ​​red colors, and the greatest taste enjoyment of wine will give a young age. Vintage for "Rosen Muskateller" harvested in late September, and then for 3 weeks fruit podvyalivayut air that preserves the unique flavor. The wort is fermented in stainless steel at a low temperature. The fermentation process is stopped when you reach a certain level of sweetness of wine. In June of the following year the wine is bottled.

Province of Trentino-Alto Adige, which grow Chardonnay vineyards, is the northernmost wine-growing area in Italy. Due to its complex geopolitical history, it consists of two autonomous provinces: Trentino and Alto Adige. Trentino is almost entirely composed of native Italians, while Alto Adige has a predominantly German-speaking and Russian-speaking population. This is due to the same status in the region as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, from which he left in 1919. The wines of this region are the imprints of the cultural and political past, sometimes dramatic and really complex. While Germanic varieties (such as Muller-Thurgau and Sylvaner) reigned supreme in some areas of vineyards, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon Blanc in full swing takes another pristine land. Thus, the province of Trentino-Alto Adige is the only Italian region, the area of ​​vineyards which have increased significantly during the last quarter of the twentieth century.

Wine House Erste & Neue Kellerei owns beautiful vineyards, the vast majority of which is classified as DOC. Area under vines cover small areas, so winemakers can not boast of large volumes of produced wines, but their products are highly appreciated by fans of drinks. The winery specializes in the production of both white and red wines, with a slight advantage in favor of the latter. The history of the winery Erste & Neue Kellerei quite interesting - it's one of the few cooperatives established on the initiative of the priest. At the beginning of the XX century several wine-making families convinced Monsignor Georg Psayra assist in the creation of the winery. Indeed, after 10 months, thanks to the efforts of the priest and farm workers, was assembled the first harvest, and the cooperative gradually began to gain a reputation.


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