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Tasting Notes


Vodka is a clear transparent color.


Taste of the drink - soft, refreshing, balanced, bright, enveloping, sweet and elegant. It contains shades of Borodino and Riga bread, cumin, oil, rye crust, dill, honey, acacia, milk, coriander, spices, beans pods. The finish is slightly sweet, with hints of fennel and coriander, citrus notes.


The basis of the bouquet Polugar up thick and spicy flavors of Borodino bread: suhotrave, cumin, coriander, dry dill, spices, wild flowers, grass, rye bread, milk tone, tone of sour milk, vegetable oil and butter, notes of prunes, acacia, black pepper, a hint to peel of citrus.


Polugar approach under Choucroute garnie, salted fish, salmon, smoked fish, herring, will go well with Borodino, Riga and Darnitskiy bread with butter and lard. Will be good with a cigar, seasoned in port. Also interesting as an aperitif and digestif.

Interesting Facts

"Polugar" №3, Borodino with caraway seeds - produced by the classical formulation of the XIX century. The beverage base is triple distilled rye distillation. Before the third distillation product is added cumin and coriander, which gives the drink a familiar taste of Borodino bread.
According to the manufacturer, "Polugar" - a "revival of historical Russian bread wine - the progenitor of the modern vodka." Its release was suspended in 1895. Bread wine in the Russian empire - is another name for good grain distillate is made by distilling in special stills of copper. In the XIX century did not know distillation of pure ethyl alcohol, so traditional Polugar cherished bread aroma and mild flavor of raw materials, ie, rye and wheat. Braga is made of pure Russian rye and / or wheat, then it passes the triple distillation in a special alembic copper, recreating the creator of "Polugar" according to the old drawings. Purification is carried out using birch charcoal.

Company "Rodionov sons" led by Boris Rodionov known Russian connoisseurs of spirits in limited series of unusual distillates derived from rye and represents a qualitatively new category of alcoholic beverages, has not yet been present on the Russian market. Production of distillates combined title "Russian distiller" and is located in Poland. Russia has known several products of the brand - "Krivach", "Polugar Rye" and "Polugar malt". The latest addition to the company's portfolio is the brand "Sivukha."

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In our store you can buy vodka "Polugar" №3, Caraway, 0.5 L, price "Polugar" №3, Caraway, 0.5 L — £ 21. Producer vodka Rodionov & sons. Delivery "Polugar" №3, Caraway, 0.5 L.

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