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Sparkling wine "Pierlant" Brut

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Tasting Notes


The wine is pale yellow with amber hue, abundant foam and a long game of small bubbles.


The wine has a rich, harmonious, balanced and very elegant taste. Solo party to perform its shades of green apples and tropical fruits and fine juicy acidity, which gives taste the freshness. At the finish there are nuances of citrus tones and soft butter.


Fresh aroma of wine is opened sensitive and delicate floral tones, gradually drowned out the more vivid shades of white fruit, freshly cut grass, green apple. Present nuances of spices only complement the feeling of lightness and elegance.


Beautiful summer aperitif wine also goes well with dishes of tuna, salads and desserts.

Interesting Facts

Sparkling wine "Pierlant" Brut is the representative of the classic style and has a characteristic delicate taste and elegant aroma. It is produced by the traditional technology of sparkling wines of the two grape varieties: Ugni Blanc and Airen. Harvested mechanically berries in contact with the winery immediately cooled. Primary fermentation is also carried out at reduced temperature, then filtered and stabilize wine. Secondary fermentation in bottles on special supports lasts for 2 weeks at a controlled temperature range of 14 ° C, the wine is removed from the sediment accumulated in the neck of the bottle. Then the sugar is added to the wine to give a taste of fine gourmet sweets, and corked bottle.

Sparkling wine brand "Perlan" produced at the plant Caves of Landiras in Bordeaux, which is part of the group Les Grands Chais de France. In recent years, the plant has established itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter of sparkling wines in Europe.

Les Grands Chais de France (GSF) - a group of companies founded in Petersbahe in 1979 by a man named Joseph Helfrish (Joseph Helfrich). The main location of the company - Vosges du Nord (in southern France). Today, Le Grand Chase de France - a large and successful company, which manufactures high-quality French wine, and aimed mainly for export (more than 70% of production). GSF owns vineyards in many wine-producing regions - Alsace, Loire Valley, Bordeaux (Landiras), Beaujolais (P. Desvignes) and Languedoc-Roussillon (Domaine DE la Baume).
A distinctive feature of the company GSF is a desire to preserve a long tradition, combining them with the innovations in the world of winemaking. This is due to many years of tremendous experience of more than 1,200 employees. The annual turnover of Les Grands Chais de France is around 700 million euros. The volume of production - about 1 million bottles a day. The production area of ​​the company occupy 12.8 ha.


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In our store you can buy sparkling wine "Pierlant" Brut, price "Pierlant" Brut — £ 5. Producer sparkling wine Les Grands Chais de France. Delivery "Pierlant" Brut.

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