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Champagne Paul Goerg, Brut "Absolu" Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru, gift box

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Tasting Notes


Champagne color white gold.


The taste of champagne silky and soft, with hints of freshness and subtle mineral nuances.


Champagne with subtle and delicate aroma, with pleasant mineral notes.


Champagne blends beautifully with seafood, caviar, sashimi.

Interesting Facts

Champagne "Brut Absolu Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru" - Business Card House Paul Goerg. This wine producing Chardonnay from different vineyards and vintages hill Vertus several years, expresses the richness of the terroir. Lack dozazha makes champagne clean delicate and sensitive and reserve wines thus selected to obtain the optimum balance of taste and length.


Paul Goerg (1820-1893), born in Vertus in the Champagne region, was an extraordinary personality and a very active and energetic person. He loved his region - Côte de Blancs - and many engaged in social activities. Paul Goerg was a member of the city council, and then for many years mayor of Vertus, was awarded the Palme d'Or of academics and the Knight's Cross of the Legion of Honor for his fruitful work in the Regional Council. Love for his native land, and he took over winemaking from his father - the broker's largest champagne houses. Paul himself in his youth worked as a broker and gained invaluable experience in the production of champagne. His knowledge he gladly shared with winemakers Vertus, wanting to raise the production of champagne at the highest level. In gratitude for this, one of the most well-known manufacturers of sparkling wines and French champagne itself bears his name.
In 1950, to preserve the terroir and outstanding production of champagne, a group of wine-growers of the commune founded Vertus House Paul Goerg, which owns a total of 120 hectares of vineyards - mostly Premier Cru and Grand Cru. Due to the high quality of the produced wine, Paul Goerg today occupies a privileged place among manufacturers. In 2003, Paul Goerg House took 4 th place among the producers on the basis of 93 tasting of sparkling wines.
The production process of champagne from the House of Fields Goerga - a well-established and verified technology for years. Grapes harvested for wine, the same day comes to compression. The resulting pure juice is distributed over the vats with a strictly controlled temperature. At the first stage fermentation of grape sugar is converted into alcohol. In order to reduce the acidity level, applies the second - malolactic - fermentation in which malic acid is converted to lactic acid by using lactic bacteria. During the winter, the wine remains on the lees. In the spring, after assembly, the wine is bottled and placed in the cellar, where he spent several years in a horizontal position. During the bottling of the wine added sugar and yeast. The precipitate from yeast after a few years of aging is removed manually.



  • fresh
  • minerals
  • soft
  • silky
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In our store you can buy wine Paul Goerg, Brut "Absolu" Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru, gift box, price Paul Goerg, Brut "Absolu" Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru, gift box — £ 34. Producer wine Paul Goerg. Delivery Paul Goerg, Brut "Absolu" Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru, gift box.

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