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Sparkling wine Parato, Cava Semi Seco Reserva, 2014

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Tasting Notes


The color of the wine is light straw with golden gleams and constantly rising bubbles.


The taste of sparkling wine is refined and refreshing, with pleasant carbonization and shades of citrus. In the long aftertaste, the tones of sweet cream are felt.


The aroma of sparkling wine is revealed by the shades of ripe pears, yellow apples and bananas, continuing with the nuances of freshly cut grass, anise and baking.


The wine is served with light dishes of fish and poultry, it goes well with pasta, fruit and vegetable salads, and also with desserts.

Interesting Facts

Parato, Cava Semi Seco Reserva is an organic semi-dry sparkling wine with the CCPAE certificate of conformity. When it is manufactured, a re-fermentation technique in bottles is used. It is carried out for six weeks in a cool temperature. Then comes the turn of 15-month holding in the position of the neck down, at the end of which goes the procedure of disgorge (release from the sediment). In its course the bottles freeze the neck with the adherent to it during the time of settling. After the bottle is put in a horizontal position, out of them take out plugs with sediment, and cork with new ones.

The unusual word Cava denotes sparkling wine from special areas of Spain. His products are mainly in the Catalan region, where in the XIX century Jose Raventas managed to create the first bottle of Spanish sparkling. From classical champagne, Kava wine is different in composition, for it grape Charello, Macabeo and Parellada are taken. It is also possible to add Chardonnay, Malvasia, Garnachi, Pinot Noir, Trepate and Monastrel. Charello is the leading variety in this combination, it provides the balance and character of the wine. Macabeo attaches a touch of fruit, and Parellada - the volume and delicacy. Cava also differ in terms of aging. Simply Cava stands out from 9 months, Cava Reserva - 15, and Gran Reserva ripens from 30 months.

Producer's description

The Parato Winery is located in Catalonia in the Alt Penedes area at the foot of the Montserrat mountain. Its vineyards grow on clay-calcareous soils with impregnations of feldspar, sand and granite. These soils are poor in organic matter, but in combination with a warm climate and protecting from the winds of the mountain they give recognizable wines with a strong character. Parato wines carefully treat the natural balance and practice organic farming in all their vineyards.

The roots of the winery Parato are connected with the city of Barcelona, ​​or rather with its hilly-valley Sants. Family Elias cultivates grapes in this area since the XVII century. In 1975, its members founded Sociedad Parato Vinicola , acquiring a total of 94 hectares of vineyards in Alt Penedes and erecting a winery in 1977. The enterprise owns four vineyards:
- La Fanga (15 hectares) with relatively deep fertile layer and northeast orientation. It borders on the forest and produces Parellada, Tempranillo and Samso varieties.
- Camp Nou (10 hectares) in the Torrelavit area. It is grown exclusively planted in 1962 vines Macabeo.
- Kan Respaul (33 ha) on the Pla de Penedes. It includes not only the vineyards, but also the wine factory (finca) "Kan Respaul de Renardes". Grapes of Macabeo, Parellada, Chardonnay and Charello varieties are grown on 22 plots with gentle slopes and moderately fertile soils.
- Kan Kampmani (26 hectares) in Guardiola de Font-ruby. The first vineyard acquired by the Elias family is characterized by excellent conditions for red varieties of Pinot Noir, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a gentle slope and poor organic soil.

Now the winery Parato continues to be a family enterprise, it employs three brothers and sister Elias: Josep, Montsé, Esther and Jordi. They create wine, guided by the three principles of the Elias family - high quality, individually grown grapes and family production.


  • Color depth: bright
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 10–12 °С
  • Website:
  • Organic: Yes
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