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Wine "Mastro" Rosso, Campania IGT, 2012

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Tasting Notes


Wine, ruby-red color.


The taste of wine is balanced, well-structured, with a pleasant cherry finish.


Fruity flavor of the wine is filled with notes of strawberries and cherries, which blend harmoniously with spicy hints of pepper and cinnamon.


The wine goes well with grilled meat (especially pork and lamb) served to pizza and pasta.

Interesting Facts

"Mastro" Rosso - red wine, pretty easy and beverages. The wine is made from a blend of two indigenous grape varieties: Aglianico and Pedirosso. Pedirosso - red grape that is grown mainly in the Campania region, including the island of Capri. The name of the grape "piedirosso" means "red legs". This is due to the fact that the lower part of the vine are usually red, like red legs pigeons. Aglianico - sort of dark grapes which are grown in Basilicata and Campania. Translated from the Latin name means "Greek grapes". "Mastro" Rosso is made ​​from crops with vines, whose age is about 15 years. Yields - 8 tons with 1 hectare of land. Vineyards have a south-eastern exposure and are situated at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. Harvesting is done at the end of October. Classic red varieties for vinification takes place in steel tanks at controlled temperature. Then the wine is aged in the bottle for at least 1 month.

Mastroberardino company founded in 1750, but was officially registered only in 1878, thanks to Angelo Mastroberardino. He also began to promote its brand. The first winery was built in Atripalda, in the heart of Irpinia. To date, had already had 10 generations of the family, survivors and recession and prosperity, but love and respect for the family business remained the same. Mastroberardino - a symbol of loyalty to tradition and technological progress in the area of ​​Campania.
Old cellars Mastroberardino fully reflect the philosophy of the family. People from all over the world visit these places, admire the stunning paintings by eminent artists: Mary Mikotsi, Doina, Raffaele De Rosa, which is decorated with arches cellars Mastroberardino. Through these sites, you can immerse yourself in the quiet and the atmosphere of the past.


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