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Wine Massandra, Madera "Massandra"

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Tasting Notes


Wine of a beautiful golden color with radiant sparkle.


The taste of wine is harmonious, elegant, subtle, pleasant burning, with bright notes of roasted nuts. With aging appear vanilla and cognac tones, long finish, walnut-wood.


The aroma of the wine is well developed, thin, complex, with bright tones Maderna.


The wine is excellent as an aperitif, as well as combined with ham, beef tongue, foie gras, seafood, blue cheeses, baked fruit, fish, duck and goose.

Interesting Facts

Madera Massandra vintage wine is produced since 1892. It is made from grapes Sersial, Verdello and Albilo that are grown on well-heated by the sun slate soils of the Crimean Mountains. Crop harvested when the sugar level in the berries of not less than 20%. Specific production is the aging of wine for 5 years are not filled to the top of the barrels on the court, warmed by the sun, which creates ideal conditions for the process maderizatsii, gives the wine a distinctive spicy flavor and complex bouquet. During aging evaporated to 40% of the initial volume of wine. With the aging of wine and cognac appear vanilla tones. Madera Massandra has no equal in subtlety and elegance among other Mader. Absolutely no way inferior plant Massandra Madeira Portugal Madeira. Unlike her from Madera Massandra is even brighter and more complex flavor, a high density of taste and elegance. Portuguese Madeira evaluate themselves Massandra in international competitions is very high.
For their excellent quality in various international competitions Madera Massandra won ten gold and five silver medals.

"Massandra" - renowned for its natural wines of excellent quality with a more than 100-year history. Winery with its vineyards covers over 400 hectares on the southern coast of Crimea. "Massandra" according to one of scholars translated as "military settlement", and according to other sources as "inconvenient land." For a long time Massandra owned by different people, but it reached its peak in 1826, when the owner was Count Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov. He built wine cellars and planted vineyards. In 1900 Massandra for the first time participated in the world-famous Paris Exposition. Then began the era of Massandra wines, which continues to this day. Wine "Massandra" very diverse, dessert, dining and strong. Collection "Massandra" contradicts the ideas of scientists about the wines. They are alive, although long term expired, which they measured out. Wine "Massandra" are long-lived, the cycle of maturation and aging of some of them can last more than 100 years. These long and mysterious processes give wines subtlety, originality and sophistication. On their account - more than two hundred medals and more than ten cups Super Grand Prix and Grand Prix. Wine collection management includes more than a million bottles and is listed in the "Guinness Book of Records."


  • Color depth: bright
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 12-14 °С
  • Website:
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