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Beer "Lindemans" Old Gueuze Cuvee Rene, 375 ml

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Tasting Notes


Color of beer - rich gold.


The taste of beer is complex, pleasant, with a balance of sweetness and sourness. The aftertaste is bright, dryish-tart.


The aroma of beer is refreshing, it traces the wine tones of sherry.


Beer is served to beef, chicken, fish, it fits well with mussels and blue cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Lindemans" Old Gueuze Cuvee Rene is the real pride of Lindemans Brewery. This beer was created from a blend of 1/3 of a three year old and 2/3 of annual lambi, ripening in oak barrels "foudres". After the primary spontaneous fermentation, the beverage is clogged in champagne bottles, where the young lambik starts a repeated fermentation process. After a 6-month exposure in bottles, the drink acquires a deep gold color, pearl bubbles and pleasant astringency.

"Lindemans" Old Ges Cuvée René has a complex taste that resembles champagne. Wine motifs continue in the fragrance, revealing pleasant tones of sherry. This beer is similar to the method of storage with quality wine - over time it will only improve its unusual taste.

After transportation it is recommended to give bottles with a drink to rest for three days so that the yeast left after repeated fermentation has time to settle. Beer is recommended to be served with veal, red fish, mussels, chicken and blue cheeses.

Producer's description

Brouwerij Lindemans is a family business that has been leading the history since 1822. The Lindemans family owned land on the site of a modern brewery long before its founding, growing wheat, barley and hops. The ancestors of modern owners began to brew beer first for family needs, after - for the needs of the entire town. Over time, brewing became the main occupation of the family, and Brouwerij Lindemans arose.

The brewery is located in the Senna Valley in the small town of Flesenbeek, in the heart of the Paiottenland region. This location largely determines the quality and method of making Lindemans brand beer - the air of the Senna Valley is saturated with a specific microflora, microscopic strains of yeast Brettanomyces Bruxellensis and Brettanomyces Lambicus.

These rare yeast varieties make it possible to produce beer by the method of spontaneous, or "wild" fermentation. Brewers do not add artificially grown yeast to the drink, enough those that settled on hops and grains during their growth. The tradition of "wild" fermentation made Lindemans beer famous, it has not stopped at the brewery for 200 years.


  • Serving temperature: 5 °С
  • Composition: Grain mix, Hop, Fruit
  • Exposure: 6 months
  • Technology maturation: Bottle Conditioning
  • Kind: Strong (6-7,4%)
  • Type of container: Bottle
  • Website:
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