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Tasting Notes


The wine is dark red in color.


Soft, balanced, full-bodied wine with notes of juicy red fruit and peppery spice in the elegant taste. The finish is long and pleasant.


Elegant wine aromatic range plays nuances of fruit jam, spices, figs, smoke, cherry and vanilla.


The wine will be excellent accompaniment to meat dishes, red meat, cheese, pasta and game.

Interesting Facts

Wine Las Moras, Malbec, 2011, created from grapes Malbec, belongs to the lineup Varietales, which includes the classic wines from the same grape variety. Berries are gathered for this wine from the vineyards of Tulum Valley (San Juan). The vines are located at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level.
Las Moras, Malbec, 2011 - beautiful red semi-dry wine, which, thanks to a desert climate has a special finesse, hints of red fruit, but due to aging in wooden barrels has a rounded taste and acquires a unique style. The sugar content in the wine harvest of 2011 is 4.17 g / dm cube.

Over the years, the wine Las Moras, Malbec has won a number of awards at prestigious international competitions, including the gold medal at the "Expovinos, 2010" (Columbia), two silver medals at the competition "International Wine & Spirits Competition" (UK) in 2010 and 2004, three bronze medals at the competition "International Wine & Spirits Competition" (UK) in 2009, 2008 and 2006.

Finca Las Moras - winery, which is due to Richard Smart in the 90s of the last century was one of the first in the production of high quality wines in the region of San Juan. Its name is associated with blackberry tree called "Morera", which grows in three main valleys of the region. Juicy fruits of these trees, the Spanish referred to as "Moras", possess an expressive fruity taste. That they have become symbols of Finca Las Moras, as the personification of true natural fruit flavors. Today, the company adheres to the concept of a kind of "perfect harmony", the basis of which - competent and effective interaction between man and nature.
San Juan - one of the most important wine regions of Argentina. He has a favorable climate for viticulture, which allows the vines to grow without the use of artificial fertilizers. Height planting vineyards in the region of 600 to 1200 meters.


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