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Wine Keller Riesling "Von Der Fels", Rheinhessen 2010

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Tasting Notes


Wine bright lemon-colored straw with light green hues.


The taste of wine is interesting in that it harmoniously interwoven playful and aristocratic, elegant notes. Shades of fragrant wild herbs, mint and seductive fruit here masterfully faceted mineral motifs.


The wine has a unique, refined, noble aroma with hints of yellow exotic fruits. Captured shades of tangerine, mango, juicy peaches, apricots and crispy bread crust.


The wine goes well with seafood, cheese fondue, ham, Thai dishes, asparagus, sweet meat and fish sauce.

Interesting Facts

Wine Riesling "Von Der Fels" is one of the most famous wines from Keller, and one of the favorite drinks of the winery owners themselves. This dry white wine is created from Riesling grapes. Berries for this wine are hand-picked in the last week of October, with those areas where the soil has the highest content of limestone. The average age of the vines - 20 years. 2010 turned out to be a very busy and full of trials for the family Keller. Nature demanded from them evidence of their skills, willingness to give time and love the vineyards. Cold long winter gave way to cool spring that kept vines get the right amount of heat. Summer time surprised a few weeks unbearable heat in July, shifts, finally, favorable humid August. Due to the current conditions, yield in 2010 was almost the lowest in the past decade. But, despite these tests, the quality of the grapes remain unchanged flawless. Berries undergone a process of natural fermentation. Withstands wine in stainless steel vats. Riesling "Von Der Fels" 2010 - is a unique wine with a rare harmony, versatile taste and fresh aroma with exotic notes. This is undoubtedly a memorable drink ... wine is recommended to use from 2012 to 2015.

The history of the winery Keller begins in the late 18th century (1789), when Johann Leonard Keller, concerned events of the French Revolution, acquires a house in the municipality of Dalsheim, near the picturesque church. His occupation smoothly into the agricultural plane, namely - viticulture. Historical records indicate that these favorable lands people have lived for over 7000 years, and the tradition of the cultivation of the vine, planted by the Romans, there are more than 1,800 years. Today Keller family owns 35 hectares of land, 95% of which are given under Riesling, as local soil containing limestone have to grow this variety, giving berries fine acidity and minerality. The yield average of 45 hl / ha.


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