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Tasting Notes


The wine is light golden color.


Excellent, cheerful wine Medium body with a slight sweetness on the palate combines hints of apple, pear, peach, apricot and honey, fine acidity. Aftertaste - a long, well-balanced, fruity.


Attractive, sophisticated, but at the same time, delicate and elegant aroma of the wine combines notes of peach, apple, pear, shades of rose petals, violets, orange peel, light benzene and silicon sheet. Bouquet will surprise you with their expressiveness with light mineral notes of mint.


The wine goes well with fruit and soft cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Wine Riesling Trocken -RR-, 2011 - semi-dry white wine, created from Riesling grapes. 2011, like the previous one, was another challenge for the family Keller, lack of rain and cold nights delay the ripening of the grapes, a violent storm and hail in late August just did not leave the estate without harvest. Winemakers had to learn humility and only paying homage to nature with any weather, and she relented. Fantastic Indian summer, which lasted 6 weeks, allowed the grapes to reach the necessary maturity. Riesling has been given special attention and patience, and berries just won in a complex fruity aroma with an incomparable finesse, elegance and acidity. Keller admits that in 2011 triggered some special magic - were so beautiful bunches of grapes, despite all the trials of nature. The harvest in 2011 was carried out in mid-October in two stages. After careful selection of berries undergone a process of natural fermentation. Then the wine is aged in steel tanks.
Riesling Trocken -RR-, 2011 - beautiful wine with subtle, clean, fruit and citrus tones in the bouquet. Keller himself compared it with a magnificent dancer, fascinates with its polished, easy, natural and perfect balance. Indicator residual sugar - 16.3 g / l. Wine is recommended to use in the next 10 years, previously decanted.

The history of the winery Keller begins at the end of the XVIII century (1789), when Johann Leonard Keller, concerned events of the French Revolution, acquires a house in the municipality of Dalsheim, near the picturesque church. His occupation smoothly into the agricultural plane, namely - viticulture. Historical records indicate that these favorable lands people have lived for over 7000 years, and the tradition of the cultivation of the vine, planted by the Romans, there are more than 1,800 years. Most of today's wine house Keller created using centuries-old traditions of winemaking in this region. Currently Keller family owns 35 hectares of land, 95% of which are given under Riesling, as local soil containing limestone have to grow this variety, giving berries fine acidity and minerality. The yield average of 45 hl / ha.

The current owner of the winery Klaus Peter Keller says, "I like to drink wine, not to taste it." Keller manages to produce amazing world-class wines, but it has a huge range of wines for every day - with varying levels of sweetness and the period of exposure. Keller wine suitable for any meal and any situation - whether it be an aperitif on a hot day, or grouse addition to personally pick mushrooms, or dinner with seafood specialties in the elegant restaurant. Offers a huge selection of Rieslings - from bright saturated Morstein to soft, white, fruit wines with Hubakera, from rich notes of juniper "Absterde" to the incomparable completeness wine "G-Max". All wines are perfectly balanced. Klaus recognizes that it is the perfect wine that makes not wait to open the second magnum. All work on the production of wine - deciding when to harvest, the vintage, the choice of oak barrels for red wines, the implementation process of fermentation of white wines - focused on a single goal: these wines must be really nice to drink. Keller prefers not to talk about the technical processes of its wineries. It offers simply enjoy the wines, and not think about the temperature at which they succumbed to fermentation. "When I walk along the vines, I feel the fragrance that will be filled with wine" - reveals one of its secrets winemaker.

At Keller wine house there are no secrets, but still remains a great unsolved mystery magician wine Klaus Keller, able to reveal all the wealth in the finest Riesling wines.


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