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Tasting Notes


Whiskey pale golden yellow color.


The taste of whiskey is soft, balanced, sweet, rounded, silky, with hints of vanilla and oak notes.


The aroma of whiskey, clean and fresh, attractive shades reveals tropical fruits, which are dominated by shades of coconut, spicy with hints of vanilla nuances clearly distinguishable.


Whiskey is an excellent aperitif and digestif, perfectly combined with a cigar.

Interesting Facts

"Kavalan" Single Malt, Ex- Bourbon Oak - single malt whiskey that is aged for at least 4 years in barrels of bourbon. Alcohols are selected small batches of 2-3 barrels. Essentially, whiskey is whiskey version of "Solist" the Ex-Bourbon Cask the Strength , diluted with pure spring water to the fortress in the 46%. "Kavalan" has a mild flavor with a touch of pleasant sweetness, is an example of high-quality whiskey, combining harmony and diversity, freshness and rich flavor and aroma.

Producer's description

Founded in 2006 in Yilan County, Kavalan Distillery is the first and only distillery in Taiwan. It belongs to the company "King Car", which is engaged in business in various fields: drinks, food, biotechnology, aquaculture and others. Distillery "Kavalan" was named in honor of the tribe of Taiwanese aborigines, who first settled in Yilan County. The main ingredients of whiskey is pure water, which is taken from springs Central mountains and snowy mountain ridge, and barley malt from Scotland, as due to the local humid climate is not possible to grow it yourself. Taiwanese whiskey aged for different from Scotch whiskey because of the hot climate, so it is saturated with oak aroma is much faster. Due to the special climatic conditions of the island of three Taiwanese whiskey on the degree of exposure comparable to fifteen Scotch whiskey. In December 2008, was released the first bottle of whiskey "Kavalan". For aging whiskey barrels used various types of new bourbon and sherry, and recycling barrels. As a result of this whiskey has a multi-layered bouquet of floral and fruity notes.
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