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Tasting Notes


Vodka perfectly transparent color.


Vodka has a warming mild flavor with a rich buttery texture and hints of rye bread. Complex aftertaste filled with shades of rye bread, honey and almonds.


Bright bread flavor vodka is characterized by shades of brown rye bread.


Vodka is perfect as an accompaniment to any dish Russian and Ukrainian cuisine and as an aperitif.

Interesting Facts

Created by Boris Rodionov "Polugar" Rye - the pinnacle of classical Russian art of distillation, the drink with a unique taste and aroma of bread. Only a select rye goes on malting and traditional technology triple distillation is carried out in alambikah - historically reconstructed copper pot stills. Clean with a birch charcoal and fresh egg white.
Historian Boris Rodionov vodka exclusively self-monitors its blend of malt distillate, trying to pick up the most memorable fragrant flavor palette-drink. This bread has a soft drink and a deep taste due observance of traditional technologies. Rye Polugar held a six quality control system. The drink is bottled in traditional Russian type "polushtof" volume of 615 ml.

Company "Rodionov sons" led by Boris Rodionov known Russian connoisseurs of spirits in limited series of unusual distillates derived from rye and represents a qualitatively new category of alcoholic beverages, has not yet been present on the Russian market. Production of distillates combined title "Russian distiller" and is located in Poland. Russia has known several products of the brand - "Krivach", "Polugar Rye" and "Polugar malt". The latest addition to the company's portfolio is the brand "Sivukha."

Producer's description

The Moe distillery is considered to be one of the oldest factories in Estonia. Founded in the distant 1688 under the name "Muddis", in 1886 on the territory of the estate begins the construction of a new modern enterprise. In the process of distillate production only organic selected Estonian grain is used. Each stage of manufacturing of strong drinks takes place under the strict guidance of leading specialists.

To date, the territory of the company is located "Vodka Museum", which has one of the largest expositions in the country. In the summer of 2019, the first ever release of Estonian whiskey is planned - now the distillate from the salted rye is aged in barrels in warehouse # 1.


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