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"Golitsyn Wines" Cabernet Sauvignon Crimean

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Tasting Notes


The color of wine - intense ruby.


In harmonious taste wines feeling of pleasant, slightly tart notes of prunes and cherries, shaded by soft tones of almonds.


The aroma of wine is filled with subtle hints of subtle hints of violets and cherries.


Serve wine is best with red meat, stew beef, cheese, fruit.

Interesting Facts

"Golitsyn Wines" Cabernet Sauvignon Crimean - a nice semi-sweet red wine. Unique eco-zone of the steppe Crimea is on the same latitude as the winemaking regions of France and Italy, its specific climate allows to grow vines in exceptionally favorable conditions. Wine "Golitsyn Wines" Cabernet Sauvignon Crimean awarded a bronze medal at the international exhibition "Wine and Winemaking" in Odessa in 2005.

TM "Golitsyn Wines" owes its name to the Grand Prince Lev Golitsyn, who was at the forefront of winemaking in Crimea. After studying in Europe, he returned to Crimea with firm confidence to start their own wine production. The richness of the Crimean land, climatic conditions of the region strengthened his belief that there is not only possible but also necessary to create great wines, each region can present its own unique wine. In 1878, the prince laid his first vineyard. Economy developed rapidly due to the unbridled passion to create wines of Prince Golitsyn. Carefully studying the theory of foreign oenologist, kind to each stage of wine making, he gained recognition for his wines, not only at national but also at international level, having won high awards at several world-renowned exhibitions: a gold medal in New Orleans (USA), Grand -with the World Exhibition in Paris (France).

Inspired by the story of Lev Golitsyn, winemakers EZKV named after him ruler "Golitsyn Wines", which was released in 2003. However, production was not only the name of the great wine maker. "Golitsyn Wines" are created using the traditional technology which is based on the formulation techniques and secrets of the winemaker Golitsyn. In the series there are 11 wines, grapes which are grown in a unique climate zone Evpatorian steppe. The warm climate, calcareous clay mold, proximity to the sea combined with modern knowledge provide an opportunity to collect a fine crop, meets all the requirements for the creation of high-quality wines. Today the products of TM "Golitsyn Wines" is implemented in Latvia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries, confirming the confidence of Prince Golitsyn that "the south created for viticulture."

Producer's description

Evpatoria factory classic wines (EZKV) began its history in 1928. Originally wine materials were imported from the southern and eastern regions of the Crimea, but almost immediately, from the end of the 20s, in the steppe regions embark own vineyards, and the plant got its own raw material base. Great damage to the plant caused the hostilities of World - almost all industrial enterprises of the region were destroyed. From 1945 to 1960, the plant starts to actively restore and even expand. There is a new cellar, bottling, warehouses. Practically, a new production facility.
A new milestone in the development of the plant began in 2002 with the appearance of a strategic investor. This led to the implementation of large-scale reconstruction and modernization of production, increase the resource base. EZKV established cooperation with distributive networks, created a marketing department, so that today the whole production process takes place the necessary controls at each stage. All efforts are aimed at the consumer, who made their choice in favor of products EZKV was fully confident naturalness and high quality legendary Crimean wines. Today the plant - one of the largest among the wineries of the Crimea. EZKV has developed export destination with a full cycle of wine making, from growing the grapes to bottling the finished wine in the bottle.


  • Color depth: saturated
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 16-18°C
  • Website:
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