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Sparkling wine Ferrari, Rose Brut, Trento DOC, gift box

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Tasting Notes


Sparkling wine pale pink.


The elegant and pure taste of sparkling wine felt notes of sweet almond and fragrant musk, with a long aftertaste.


The aroma of wine felt tint hawthorn and red currant notes.


Sparkling wine is recommended to serve chilled as an aperitif, it will serve as a great addition to desserts.

Interesting Facts

To prepare the wine used Ferrari Rose Pinot Nero and Chardonnay, which are assembled by hand in mid-September with vineyards province of Trento. The vineyards are located at an altitude of 300-600 meters above sea level. Wine produced in a conventional manner to precipitate delayed for several years. The first vintage of wine produced in 1969. Sparkling rosé Ferrari Rose captivates connoisseurs drink gentle color antique roses and delicate taste of sweet almond and long aftertaste. Ferrari Brut Rose in an elegant box can be a wonderful gift!

The era of Fame wine Home Ferrari began with the fact that in 1902 the young winemaker Giulio Ferrari gathered the first harvest of grapes and made ​​of it a copy of French champagne, 4 years later received a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Milan. The first success was preceded by years of study at the Imperial School of winemaking in San Michele al Adige and the Institute of Botany in Geysenhaym and winemaking practices in Champagne, where he worked in several houses of sparkling wines, in Tunisia, he was an intern in the vineyards. The final chord of his training becomes known school in Montpellier. After studying Julio returned to his hometown of Trento. Favorable conditions of the area give a huge potential for growing Chardonnay grapes, so Giulio call their homeland "the beautiful vineyards of Europe."

For many years Giulio Ferrari was a real master of his craft, but the success of Ferrari would not be so loud, if he had not found a companion in the face of Bruno Lunelli - a prosperous wine merchant. They decided to combine their efforts: commercial acumen and vast experience Lunelli Ferrari. Their collaboration started in 1952 with modest production volumes were produced only 6,000 bottles of wine. But gradually, the production volumes increased: in 1962 - 60 thousand bottles in 1972 -300 000 bottles in 1982 - 1 million. Bottles in 2000 - 4.5 million. Bottles. The secret of this rapid growth, of course, lies in the consistently high quality wines Ferrari, which is confirmed by an interesting history. Owner of the famous Parisian cabaret "Lido" - Christian Clerico - preparing to celebrate in 2000. When he selected sparkling wines for the event, he had doubts - whether "spumante", even Ferrari, to compete with the grandee of champagne as Dom Perignon. The Frenchman put on comparative tasting bottle Giulio Ferrari and Dom Perignon vintages 1978, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1988, 1990 and 1992. Was installed complete parity: 7 bottles - 3 "mellizima" Ferrari were better 3 "mellizima" Dom Perignon bypassed competitor, and 1 "millezim" was equally good. Thus, Ferrari hit the wine list "Lido".

The personification of the two most greatest achievements of the Italian nation in the twentieth century was the name Ferrari. Giulio Ferrari produced the best Italian sparkling wine, which is able to compete with French champagne. Enzo Ferrari - the creator of the famous racing cars of the world. Naturally, the namesakes used this happy coincidence to promote their own success and ideas. Therefore wine Ferrari present at all the events of the Formula I: Formula Ferrari - a Formula I, Ferrari taste - the taste of Grand Prix!



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In our store you can buy sparkling wine Ferrari, Rose Brut, Trento DOC, gift box, price Ferrari, Rose Brut, Trento DOC, gift box — £ 36. Producer sparkling wine Ferrari. Delivery Ferrari, Rose Brut, Trento DOC, gift box.

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