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Wine Eugenio Collavini, "dei Sassi Cavi" Chardonnay, Collio DOC, 2012

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Tasting Notes


The wine has a beautiful golden yellow color.


Rich and seductive taste filled with fresh fruit tones, which, in combination with a light acidity and good structure constitute an excellent flavor compositions.


The aroma of wine there are notes of ripe fruit (apricot, orange), harmoniously complemented by floral notes, nuances of honey and vanilla.


The wine is perfect as an aperitif, as well as to fish, seafood or eggs. Can serve wine with white meat, lobster or foie beef specialties from Friuli: ricotta gnocchi and spices.

Interesting Facts

Wine "dei Sassi Cavi" created from Chardonnay grapes. This grape variety is a multifaceted, giving the wines of elegance, sophistication and completeness. After fermentation at low temperatures in stainless steel wine is almost ready to eat, but after partial aging in barrels, it acquires a delicious flavor and a rich, balanced flavor.

For the production of wine "dei Sassi Kavi" is used to harvest vineyards in the Collio Goriziano or simply Collio, that cover the hills around the province Goriziano, in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in the north-eastern part of Italy. This area is especially known for its firm foothold in the Italian wine market, starting in the 1970s, complex, aromatic white wines that are fragrant with hints of ripe fruit. Collio zone Vineyards have bananovoobraznuyu form and coexist with the boundary of Slovenia. This region of Italy joined only in 1918, just after the First World War, and before that she was a part of both the Republic of Venice and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As a result, local wines clearly demonstrate the Slavic and Germanic traits, but the Italian style. The Adriatic coast is just 25 km south of Goritsiano. This allows smooth and slightly cool the hot summer temperatures, as well as to align the harsh winter swings. Also important are the fresh sea breezes that blow to the north (towards the hills) at dawn and returned to the south to the coast in the evening. This natural movement of air masses helps to reduce the spread of fungal diseases and allows the vines to grow up healthy. Precipitation has generally intense and short-term rather than long-term nature, which together with a bright sunny climate is perfect for ripening juicy and aromatic grapes.

Oenological Kollavini family history begins in 1896. Eugenio, the founder of the winery, while supplying their wine to neighboring farms, not even imagining that a century later, it will gain the whole world. In 1970, thanks to innovations in the field of sparkling wines and creating Ribolla Dzhialla - the results are accurate and original research methods - winemaking region gets more glory. In those years, the square named Kollavini were increased acquisition of the old manor house of the XVI century in Kono de Rosazzo, which later became the residence of the family estates and cellars were used to store wine. In 1980, all activities Kollavini occurs exclusively in this prestigious residence. Today the company is headed Manilo Kollavini who commits itself to increasing the diversity of products, the development and better functioning of the structures, as well as improving quality standards. His sons, Giovanni and Luigi, also joined the family business and comprehensively assist in the development of the economy.

Since 1996, the quality of the wine growing thanks to an extensive program that includes a variety of activities - from control specialists all stages of growth and development of the grapes, to modernize production technologies, which include soft spin and temperature control of vinification. Skilful investments and innovations have allowed the winery Eugenio Kollavini take a leading position in the region with the prospect of further growth and success.


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