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Sparkling wine Contri Spumanti, Spumante "Elit" Semi-Sweet

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Tasting Notes


The wine shows a pale golden color.


The taste of wine - sweet, harmonious, with fruity flavor, light texture and a refreshing aftertaste.


Exquisite aroma of the wine is woven from the nuances of ripe pear and subtle smoky notes.


This wine is best served with fish dishes, soft cheeses, seafood and delicate desserts.

Interesting Facts

Contri Spumanti, "Elit" - white semi-sweet sparkling wine with a light fruity aroma and refreshing taste. Created from white grape varieties grown in Italy. The harvest begins in late August and lasts until September. Grapes gently compressed and placed in stainless steel containers, where fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature in order to preserve the natural grape flavors. Repeated fermentation is carried out at a controlled temperature and pressure in accordance with Charmat method. The wine is ideal for filing together with snacks, soft cheeses and desserts.

Producer's description

Contri Spumanti is today one of the leading producers of sparkling and still wines in the Italian and international market. In the 30s it was a small enterprise for bottling of wine, located in the municipality of Cazzano di Tramigna, in the north-east of Verona. The history of the company is closely linked with the name of Luciano contry, who managed to bring the family business to whole new level. When the boy was 15 years old, his father was seriously ill Luigi. To compensate for the lack a little of his father in the affairs of the winery and help his grandfather Domenico ninety (founder of the family business), Luciano begins to study the markets of Verona and Padua - at that time the most important regions of the wine business. Not having a driver's license due to his young age, he overcame distance train. In 1959, the day of his 18-years anniversary he gets the right to drive a car and become an entrepreneur. At that time, the grandfather dies Luciano, who was 97 years old. But the invaluable experience that my grandfather managed to convey to his grandson, was not in vain. Hard work and fortitude helped Luciano contry in 1980 to establish a joint-stock company Contri Spumanti SPA, whose shareholders have become the first member of his family. In the same year begins the production of sparkling wine "spumante", created in the course of natural fermentation.

Luciano contry always closely followed the technological innovations in the field of wine production, which are then implemented at the factory. Over time, he managed to build a strong, competitive company that is guided by the criterion of "maximum efficiency". In the first place it has been optimized processing costs vineyards, while maintaining a high quality of grapes. Also it was carried out strict control of the entire production cycle using modern equipment and its own laboratory. The main task of the company is the production of products with excellent value for money, as well as its transportation to the consumer. To this end, in 2002, was commissioned a new logistics center, which occupies 6,500 square meters. m., which provides dispatch applications for products of almost one hour. The plant operates a vast repository of wine, the volume of 80,000 hectoliters, as well as in two shifts there are three automated lines for bottling wine, producing 40,000 bottles per hour. Today the company is headed by the son of Luciano - Paolo contry, which is a great oenologist and professional manager. Products Contri Spumanti has been repeatedly awarded with medals and awards, the number of which is increasing every year. Sparkling and still wines the company successfully sold on the domestic market and exported to more than 39 countries.


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