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Wine Clos Quebrada De Macul, "Stella Aurea" Cabernet Sauvignon, 2011

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Tasting Notes


The wine has a very strong red color with garnet-ruby color.


The taste of wine is incredibly balanced, very thin and elegant, with dominant tones of red and black berries. The aftertaste is pleasant and long.


In the aromatic bouquet of wine trapped typical tobacco nuances that blend harmoniously with hints of menthol, eucalyptus, iodine, as well as with notes of ripe red berries.


The wine goes well with a variety of dishes from red meat, especially lamb, beef, wild boar and ostrich.

Interesting Facts

Wine Clos Quebrada De Macul produced from crop derived from a single vineyard, which is located in an almost desert area on a slope with gravel soil in the foothills of the Andes. Summer in the region is not too hot and the humidity - relatively high. At night, the air temperature is usually quite low because of the descending from the Andes cold air, and the day may rise above 20 ° C. These temperature changes are very beneficial effect on the maturation of the grapes. Usually harvest the farm Clos Quebrada de Macul begin in mid-April to the end of the month. Going grapes at dawn. Wine vinified at the estate - the local winery is able to produce about 300,000 liters.

Wine "Stella Aurea" regularly receives excellent reviews from critics. Label for "Stella Aurea" made famous by the Chilean artist Benjamin Lira.
Wine is awarded the following ratings and awards:
- 2005 vintage was rated 92 points by la Guia de P.Tapia 2006;
- Vintage 2003 entered the top ten Cabernet Sauvignon version Descorchados de Patricio Tapia 2006 (guide Chilean wines) and received a rating of 92 points, and an assessment of 88 points from Guía de Vinos de Chile 2006;
- Vintage "2002 was among the 70 best wines of South America according to the Vineyards, Wineries & Wines of South America in 2006 (guide to the wines of South America);
- Vintages 1998 and 2000 were rated "3 glasses (excellent)" from Guía de Vinos de Chile;
- Vintages 1998 and 1997 are also included in the top ten Cabernet Sauvignon version Descorchados de Patricio Tapia 2002;
- Vintage 1997 awarded the assessment "4 glasses (outstanding)" from Guía de Vinos de Chile.

Agriculture Clos Quebrada de Macul was founded relatively recently - in 1995. The founders of the winery began Ricardo Peña, who inherited the estate, as well as David Williams and his brother Jorge. A little later they were joined by 2 oenologist - Jean-Pascal Lacaze and Patrick Valette. Before the estate passed into the possession of Ricardo Peña, the entire harvest of grapes sold to other wineries.

When winemaker Jean-Pascal Lacaze ask why wine Clos Quebrada de Macul obtained so special, he invariably replied that reasons for that "old vines growing on the slopes, located in a great location, very low yields, wine-making philosophy of" non-interference "and, most importantly , the desire to achieve extremely high quality. "

Another co-owner of Clos Quebrada De Macul, David Williams, says of the wine sector: "We originally did not set the task of making wine in Bordeaux or California style. We just give the blame to fully show what the Chilean equivalent of the Grand Cru ..." .


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