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Wine Chateau Haut-Beausejour (Saint-Estephe) 2006

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Tasting Notes


Deep purple-red color with a hint of scarlet on the edge of the glass.


Chateau Haut-Beausejour 2006 has a soft texture with pronounced, rounded tannins and a delicate taste, which is dominated by shades of raspberry, flowers and dried fruits. In a long, pleasant finish developing skin tone, tobacco and oak.


Complex aroma gradually reveals tones of raspberry, black currant and blackberry, to which are added shades of oak, tobacco, toast, leather and violets.


Wine perfectly complement red meat and poultry under the spicy and creamy sauces, meat paste, as well as steaks, grilled mushrooms and smoked. As an ideal snack cheeses and pates durum.

Interesting Facts

Chateau Haut-Beausejour is located in Saint-Estephe - the northernmost of the four famous communes, which form the heart of the Medoc. Compared with other famous farms, Chateau Haut-Beausejour relatively young, because it was created in 1992 by combining two categories Chateau Cru Bourgeois Chateau Picard and Chateau Beausejour, and owes its existence to the famous oenologist Jean-Claude Rouzaud. Under his leadership, was carried out radical restructuring of vineyards and production facilities converted winery and cellars. Due to this, as well as extensive experience Claude Rouzaud today at Chateau Haut-Beausejour are fine wines, which in a short time managed to win recognition from the most respected critics in the world of wine.

Try the elegant Chateau Haut-Beausejour 2006, which is made ​​from three grape varieties and has a surprisingly long, multi-layered flavor, filled with notes of strawberry, dried fruits and flowers. The special charm of the blame attached to skin tones, tobacco and oak that wine gets in the twelve-month aging in oak. Thanks to the powerful tannin-based Chateau Haut-Beausejour able to for a long time to develop in the bottle, every year more and more revealing delicious flavors and aroma. In particular, Chateau Haut-Beausejour in 2006 will be at the peak of ripeness between 2010-2015 years.


  • Color depth: saturated
  • Body/Saturation: full-bodied
  • Serving temperature: 16-18°С
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