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Wine Castellari Bergaglio, Gavi DOCG "Pilin", 2006

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Tasting Notes


Wine clear and bright golden color.


The taste of wine is full bodied, with a pleasant smoothness and fresh acidity, repeating fragrant bouquet notes of apricot, vanilla, toasted almonds, fresh herbs. At steady finish shades of quince, plum, honey and almond.


In heavy layered bouquet of wine clean, refined and elegant aromas: first quince, plum and almond, and then mature banana, apricot jam, hawthorn, broom, lavender, honey, pear, grapefruit and vanilla.


Wine matches perfectly with grilled fish and white meat, seafood - oysters, clams and shrimp, as well as fish and mushroom soups, stuffed pasta.

Interesting Facts

Wine "Pilin", the production of which was begun in 1984, is named in honor of his grandfather Mario Bergalo, Pilin was his nickname in Gavi. Mario says that they are "proud to have given it the name of his most complex wine, because that's what my grandfather to my father instilled in me the desire and work for the good of our land, producing wine." For "Gavi Pilin" with great care and attention to choosing the most healthy and ripe grapes from all vineyards. In 2006, since August 30, were collected for analysis of samples of grapes. The main harvest began on September 18th. Thanks to the exceptional weather conditions during the period from August 20 to September 20, when the maximum temperature during the day is 28-30 C, and the nights were dry, the grapes reached a high quality and balance, optimum sweetness, perfectly preserving the primary aromas. Harvested grapes were placed in small wooden boxes, where dried for 30-40 days. After drying, the grapes was a gentle pressing and fermentation. After this stage of fermentation, the wort is left in oak barrels. After fermentation, the wine was subjected to cold stabilization and bottling. In the bottled wine is aged for two years, reaching a good level of maturity and balance. From the third year "Gavi Pilin" is at the peak of its quality that will last for many years.

Winery "Castellari Bergalo", founded in 1890, is located in a quiet leafy setting, Gavi, in the province of Alessandria in Piedmont. Vineyards stretch at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level in the countryside Rovereto, surrounded by oak forests. Hence the name: rovereto - "oak forest". For hilly landscape local farmers call this area the "high ground". Here, on the characteristic of the region reddish soils rich in clay and iron, white grape varieties are grown. These soils are ideal environment for noble varieties Cortese used for the main white wines "Castellari Bergalo." Winery run by Mario Bergalo, his wife Vanda Castellari and their son Marco, they follow well-established local tradition of winemaking, but also pay close attention to the advanced modern technology. Family controls every stage of production, from growing grapes in the vineyards to the wine-making factory. The product line consists of five wineries white wine and grappa. Wine "Castellari Bergalo" refute the widespread belief that the white wine be consumed young, arguing that, although they are quite ready to eat in just a few months after manufacture, but remain the same, and for several years after that, and the time growing only helps reveal the complex range of flavors.


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