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Beer Carlow, "O'Hara's" Leann Follain, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer deep black color with brownish foam cap.


Full, rich malty beer with complex chocolate and coffee tones, which are balanced by fine hoppy spice. In the long aftertaste present distinctive smoky note.


Luxury beer flavor combines notes of chocolate, coffee and smoky shades.


Beer will be a good pair with any strong cheese or dried meat. Also goes well with desserts.

Interesting Facts

Full, rich ale "O'Hara's" Leann Follain was put into production in 2009 after a pilot of a new limited edition ale "O'Hara's" Extra Stout in 2008 received very positive feedback. The recipe has been slightly modified and added to the main production line under a new name.

"Leann Follain" - Irish-Gaelic phrase meaning "useful ale / stout." The highest compared to other companies ales alcohol content, rich tones of chocolate and coffee, balanced with a strong bitterness and subtle spicy aroma of generous portions of hop varieties Northdown and Fuggle, make their contribution to the overall picture of the rich ale with a strong character. It is this element known critic Conor Pope wrote: "This is the" Extra "Irish stout in its class." Beer has won numerous awards and titles.

Carlow Brewing Company, also known under the name of O'Hara's Brewery, founded in 1996, O'Hara family in Carlow. The development of the brewery was hard going. But through perseverance, loyalty, commitment and support of the local population O'Hara survived and created their own page in the history of brewing. In the first two years of the brewery produced beer only for the local market, and then established a small export to the UK. Landmark for Carlow Brewing Company became the year 2000, when their stout "O'Hara" won the competition two gold medals at the international competition "International Brewing Awards". This success has attracted a lot of attention to the company and allowed to gain fans both at home and abroad. By 2006, a large demand for products made to reflect on the new building with a large brewing workshop, and in August 2009 the new plant were released the first 6 500 liters of beer.

Today, the product range includes 6 main Carlow beers and some seasonal who have successfully exported to more than 20 countries. Scheduled for the next expansion of production facilities and the launch of new bottling lines and large storage space. On each bottle of beer from the Carlow Brewing Company logotype - a sword and shield Celtic war, symbolizing endurance and identity.

"We went back to basics and produce beer brewed with natural ingredients and no artificial additives. We believe that this leads to a higher quality beer has a great taste and flavor" - Seamus O'Hara, founder of the brewery.


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