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Tasting Notes


The wine has an intense straw yellow color.


Perfectly balanced, fresh taste shows at the same time the fullness and tenderness, charming notes of black tea, exotic fruit nuances of ripe melon and grapefruit. A long aromatic finish.


Clean and fresh aroma of the wine reveals elegant notes of grapefruit, lychee and ripe melon, is giving place to floral motifs and shades of freshly cut grass.


The wine goes well with smoked meat products, salami, ham, beef, dried tomatoes, seafood, shellfish, grilled fish.

Interesting Facts

Pinot Grigio, 2013 - extremely elegant white wine with a fruity bouquet, combining youth, freshness, balanced acidity and a pleasant aftertaste. Its complex aroma is revealed slowly and gradually, and gentle, creamy taste gives an unforgettable experience. Cooled to 10-12 ° C the wine will make the perfect pair of snacks, risotto, smoked sausages, veal and pastas.

Pinot Grigio is made ​​from the same grape variety grown in northern Italy, in the region of Alto Adige. Vineyards of Cantina Terlano located in the foothills of the Alps at an altitude of 250-300 meters above sea level. The exposition of the vineyards - the southern and south-west. Mild Mediterranean climate and sand and gravel, well-drained soils of the region allow the grapes to acquire a unique flavor and fresh, full of flavor. The average yield of the vineyards is 63 hl / ha, and the first harvest was in 1978.
Season 2013 turned out to be particularly successful for growing Pinot Grigio. A few weeks before the harvest, a fairly sharp fluctuations in temperature - 25 ° C during the day, up to 10-11 ° C at nightfall. These temperature differences have contributed to a clear acidity of the future wine. Harvesting was carried out on September 9. Assembled gently pressed grape clusters integer, and then fermented at a controlled temperature in stainless steel vats. Subsequent exposure to the lees lasted 5-7 months. The wine can be consumed young or after 3-5 years of aging in the bottle.

The history of the cooperative "Cantina Terlano" began over 100 years ago with the unification of 24 wine producers to jointly confront the invasion of phylloxera. Now society has about 100 manufacturers, the total area of ​​vineyards "Terlano" is 150 hectares annually produces 1.2 million bottles of wine. Vineyards of the cooperative "Cantina Terlano" located in the foothills of the ridge Chogelberg, at an altitude of 250 to 900 meters above sea level, which is favorable for the cultivation and selection of grape varieties. These places are famous for unique soils composed of quartz porphyry - rock, from which earlier produced purple dye. Terroir has a strong influence on the formation of a flexible and compact structure of the wine region Terlano. Cellar economy "Terlano" for a long time kept the most valuable vintages. Today, there you can see 12 thousand bottles of different years starting from 1955. It also contains several unique bottles of wine harvest in 1893, is as old cellar. This is one of the rarest wine collections of Italy, convincingly shows how mature and are harmonious wine "Terlano", as well as elegant and refined, they are able to grow old.

Under the leadership of enologist Rudi Kofler in modern cellar aged red (40%) and white (60%) of wine three different lines:
- Series "Slassic" consisting of white and red wines from different grape varieties Tyrol. Most of the lines are monosepazhnye recent vintages of wine. Extract these young wines, usually held in the neutral steel tanks.
- A series of "Vineyard" wines are 7 best vineyards Tyrol. These wines go on sale after prolonged exposure.
- Series "Selestion" - a collection of category Premium, consisting of 4 wines, including - the famous "Quarz Sauvignon". Long exposure in barrels gives the wines complexity, rich fruit and elegance.

It is unlikely that in Alto Adige economy there besides "Cantina Terlano" that can put on the famous wine tasting experts of "Wine Advocate" 15 class wines Premium, 14 of which received high marks - from 91/100 to 94/100 points. Moreover, there is hardly ever a second wine cooperative in Italy with an assortment of such a level. This is the phenomenon of the "Cantina Terlano" to prove that "the farm" version of the wine business gives results that are not inferior and sometimes far surpassing the performance of private farms.


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