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Wine Bertani, Soave Classico, 2011, 250 ml

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Tasting Notes


Wine of pale yellow color with golden reflections.


The wine has a fresh taste with good acidity, pronounced minerality and pleasant aftertaste expectancy.


The aroma of wine is filled with tones of white flowers, notes of pear, apricot and melon.


The wine is excellent as an aperitif, also make excellent party dishes of fish, seafood and white meat.

Interesting Facts

Soave Classico wine is a line of "Collezione Bertani" ("Collection Bertani"), which is represented by young fruity wines typical of the Veneto region, created from selected grapes from different areas who farm Bertani constantly perfected over 150 years. Wines in this series differ excellent value "for money." Soave Classico 2011 - fresh white wine from grapes Garganega Bianca has a bright mineral taste and a beautiful floral and fruity aroma. It was on clay soils Soave, white grapes Garganega well expresses itself by offering fresh, fragrant and rich wine.

Company Bertani cultivate different varieties of grapes, both engaged in breeding, in order to expand the range of products offered by the wine. Husbandmen also used avant-garde techniques of cultivation of grapes to improve the quality of the crop. Although the Veneto region is much less than other wine regions of Italy, it is home to the famous grape varieties and is able to generate great wines. The mild Mediterranean climate has a beneficial effect on the growing of vines and clay soil enriches and improves the quality of the crop. As a result, the grape has a great natural balance of sweetness and acidity and bright fruit and spicy shades impart taste of individuality.

Bertani winery founded in 1857 by brothers Giovanni Battista and Gaetano Bertani in the small town of Quinto di Valpantena in the north of Verona. Way brothers in the world of wine began with an introduction by Mr. Guillot - a prominent figure in the wine industry at the time. Since its inception, the brothers Bertani used innovative techniques in the cultivation and processing of crops, using new technology vinification and cultivation. Also, Bertani brothers - the first who took the decision to sell wine in bottles, not in oak barrels, which at that time was much more traditional.
Through nearly 30 years since the founding of the winery Bertani in 1888. The Academy of Agriculture, Arts and Commerce in the city of Verona, studying the works of the brothers in terms of scientific and practical approach, awarded them a special gold award. Since then, the winery has become the benchmark Bertani family and commercial winemaking in Verona. To this day, Bertani take part in various competitions and exhibitions, develop new technologies, not resting on its laurels and strive for perfection. Possession Bertani today - it's 130 acres of land owned by the family around the historic villa of the XVIII century. Cellar and winery are located in the cozy town Grezzano. Wines Bertani popular all over the world, they are appreciated for their excellent ratio "price-quality" and refined style of performance.


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