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Vodka Artsakh Plum, 0.75 L

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Tasting Notes


Crystal-clear transparent.


Characterized by soft, rounded texture. On the palate slightly felt notes of ripe plums and a little sour.


In fine, delicate flavor with notes of yellow plum and candied fruit.


Lovely aperitif and digestif. Ideal with dishes of Caucasian and Oriental cuisine, such as kebabs, roast leg of lamb, turkey with raisins, duck with cherries and other dishes of poultry, as well as acute fish and meat dishes.

Interesting Facts

Vodka "Artsakh Plum" is made ​​only of the most mature and high-quality plums. The collection of these juicy and tender fruit produced by hand, then they are carefully sorted and separated from the seed. The fermentation process lasts for several weeks, after which the juice is subjected to double distillation. Distillation of Artsakh carried out in small copper pot stills, like cognac, thereby achieving high quality and aromaticity distillate. Alcohol blended with soft purified water to obtain glaciers 51% fort and then purified using membrane filters.

Before you go on sale "Artsakh Plum" a few months aged in enamelled tanks, so he takes his unique aromatic and mild taste. High quality beverage and confirm oily "legs" that remain on the walls of glasses than can boast the best brandies. Serve "Artsakh Plum" should be at room temperature.
Particularly noteworthy are the healing properties of this drink: one, two drinks will help restore power even after the hardest day.


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