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Wine Barone Ricasoli, "Albia" Rose, Toscana IGT, 2015

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Tasting Notes


Wine-colored petals of pale pink roses.


Fresh, round, very tasty wine with a caressing finish, filled with mineral notes.


Elegant aroma of the wine is woven from delicate notes of rose and violet tones of white pepper.


The wine is excellent as an aperitif, goes well with raw vegetables, fresh cheeses, white meat and other dishes are not too complicated.

Interesting Facts

Exquisite "Albia" Rose, 2013 - one of the best wines Barone Ricasoli. Autumn 2012 and winter 2012/2013 are among the wettest in the last few years. Due to the abundance of precipitation did not have time to dry land and remained wet throughout the winter. Due to the high humidity, the root system of vineyards malnourished and unable to prepare well for the growing season. Full Spring began only in the 10th of April, when the rains have stopped, and the average daily temperature suddenly rose very high. Air and soil vineyards are well warmed up. Harvest Merlot grapes - basic varieties of rose wines, giving freshness and spice spicy bouquet - began Sept. 4, 2013. Later, on September 27 was collected Sangiovese berries that are in the early stages of ripeness. Sangiovese fermented separately from Merlot, traditional white wines manner - without the skin that enriched taste of the future of wine and an excellent balance of bright fruitiness. Vinification took place in stainless steel tanks at controlled room temperature 12-16 ° C for 25-30 days. Matured wine in stainless steel tanks for 5 months.

Ricasoli family has ancient roots and is the fourth oldest in the world of family businesses. It is also the oldest company in Italy, the family owns the castle Ricasoli Castello di Brolio with 1141. Ricasoli were among the first who devoted himself to the development of agriculture and viticulture. It is known that since the late 1600's, the family made the first export in Amsterdam and England. And since the beginning of 1900 wine Broglio known and exported all over the world: from China to Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Costa Rica. One of his ancestors, Baron Bettino Ricasoli (1809-1880), nicknamed the "Iron Baron", more than 30 years conducted research and experiments with the aim of producing high quality wines of Chianti, able to compete on an international level with the great French wines. Baron has fulfilled this mission to unlock the potential of the terroir Broglio, combining processes, applied science with the principles of winemaking. In 1867, wine Ricasoli won the first gold medal at the International Exhibition in Paris.

Activities Baron gave not just a boost to the development of winemaking in Chianti. In accordance with the modern principles of the organization of economic and agriculture, Bettino Ricasoli contributed to the development of roads and railways in the region and many other progressive movements. "Currently, our research nearly a thousand years," - says the great-grandson Bettino Ricasoli - Francesco, managing since 1993 the company, which owns 240 hectares of vineyards and 26 hectares of olive groves in the beautiful and rich diversity of soils and climate of the Chianti region. He continues the noble cause of ancestors, maintaining the quality and character of the great wines of Broglio, conducting tests, assessing the unique features of the area and its history, winning the highest awards world-class and giving new value culture and art of wine drinking.


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