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Sheridan’s is a thick, creamy and layered liqueur. An eye-catching package design and distinctive quality are the main features of this Irish drink. Sheridan's is a type of liqueur which was created in Dublin, Ireland) in 1994. There are two versions of Sheridan’s drink: Sheridan's Berries Liqueur and Sheridan's Irish Coffee Cream Liqueur. The Sheridan's Irish Coffee Cream Liqueur is more commonly known and more popular than the red and white Sheridan's Berries.

When you look at a bottle of this liqueur, you will first notice the extraordinary design. This uniquely designed bottle consists of two parts, which form together into one aesthetically pleasing shape. This stylish and elegant bottle is the perfect gift for any special occasion.

Sheridan's Irish Coffee Cream Liqueur is composed of two various sections- black-coloured and white-coloured. This black section is larger and this is a smooth coffee liqueur with a hint of chocolate while the white section is a creamy and delicate vanilla liqueur.

This drink is best served chilled in shot glasses (or tumblers) over ice (For the sake of the specific gravity of this amazing liqueur, you have to pay close attention when filling the drink into glasses. Sheridan’s has a certain density which requires slow and gentle pouring close the edge of a glass. Both liqueurs have to be poured out simultaneously. The bottle top is designed for this purpose, so the white liqueur comes out over the black liqueur and they mix together.

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Sheridan’s is the perfect drink for all lovers of coffee liqueur. However, even people who do not like the taste of coffee opt for this liqueur due to the mixture of flavours. Yes, a coffee liqueur can be strong and sweet too. Coffee flavour is “softened” with the hint of chocolate richness, and all of this is mixed with a light weight, not so sweet like the vanilla and white chocolate flavours. Of course, the perfect Irish whiskey completes the full story about this gorgeous layered liqueur.

You can buy Sheridan’s online by easily ordering at an online store. This is visually a very intriguing drink, so many people buy Sheridsn’s because of its looks first of all. Subsequently, they will taste it. In this way, the enjoyment is complete- both visually and perceptually enjoyed. It’s good to know that Sheridan’s should be stored at a temperature 5? - 25?C.

Practically, there are two coupled bottles. They are a very interesting solution for all lovers of coffee and nutty flavored liqueurs. Speaking of prices, Sheridan’s price depends on where you buy it and how you buy it. The best way is to order your bottle online. This delicious creamy drink can be yours in a very short time, at a very reasonable price for Sheridan’s. If you like to experiment, if you like to organize unique and memorable parties, then Sheridan is the right drink for you and your friends. If you have an imagination, you can create gorgeous drinks and cocktails by combining Sheridan's. For example, you can decorate your favourite drink with coffee beans or crumbled chocolate. Cheers!

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